Vittles produces character-driven documentaries told through the lens of food. Our projects examine contemporary social issues in the South and beyond, exploring how the food we seek and the way we eat it informs our identity, culture and community. 

Our contributors are seasoned journalists, innovative filmmakers, dexterous musicians and emerging food-system leaders. Together, we collaborate to create sustenance through storytelling. 

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D.L. Anderson, Justin Robinson, Mikel Barton, Victoria Bouloubasis


Mackenzie Kwok — Learn more about UNC's Food For All academic research theme. 


Adam Pyburn, Ali Rudel, Alix Blair, Andrea Love, Andrew Synowiez, Ari Picker, Brooke Darrah Shuman, Catherine Edgerton, Denise Prickett, Emily Wallace, Eri Yokoyama, Jeremy M. Lange, Joe Schwartz, Jonathan Henderson, Kavanah Anderson, Lisa Sorg, Phil Cook, Ruth Eckles, Sebastian Naskaris, Shaun Sundholm, Trace Ramsey